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Annie Murray (2010); Chelsea Obodoechina (2020)

Is this primarily a poetry audio site?


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From The Fishouse

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site devoted to promoting oral tradition of poetry features emerging poets reading their work. links to books written by all the poets.

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non profit was established in 2004. goal is to support emerging poets and oral tradition of poetry.

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"Editor is Matt O'Donnell, email:, From the Fishouse
87 Stage Road
Pittston, ME 04345, phone 207.514.4392"

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searching not possible

Relation from the audio to the text

small player is in same screen as the text of the poem. easy to follow along.

Date/Time/Length/Context info about the audio items

no information about recording given. you can know where the poem was originally published.

Author bios and context within literary history

each author has an information page that lists their poems read. page includes biographical information and often a photo. if no photo of the author is available, they include a book cover.

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streaming files. uses a little Quick Time player.

Multimedia integration (pictures, video, etc.)

site has some photos, no videos

Audio playback setup (opens in Flash player, on new blank screen, etc.)

Quick Time player?

Mobile access (i.e. accessible on smart phones, tablets, etc.)


UPDATE (Chelsea Obodoechina): Mobile access is possible, but the website does not cater to mobile devices. Functionality may vary depending on the device.


browsable by poet or by poem

Discovery features (pre-made playlists; dynamic lists: lists of recent additions, featured items, related items, etc).
Interactivity and Web 2.0 features

none, but users can follow the non-profit on FB or Twitter

Other notes