Meeting Minutes, Meetings 1, 2, 3 & 4 (1st Quarter of Project)

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Hi All,

I’ve attached all of our meeting notes in this post. The most recent minutes will follow in this post, but all three meetings are in .doc formats attached.

Spoken Web 2.0 Meeting Notes

November 30th, 2010


Present: Jason Camlot, Annie Murray, Jared Wiercinski , Matt Tremblay and Celyn Harding-Jones

Reminder: keep your eyes open for conferences to attend, grant has money allocated for these. Jason’s applying for the Click on Knowledge Conference in Copenhagen. Also, please start posting research and notes into the blog.

New team member: Deanna Fong (RA). Introductions next meeting. Will take over management responsibilities from Celyn, and will add and manage content of contemporary reading series. Celyn will continue remote research from Oslo!

Contemporary Reading Series to add to Sir George Williams University reading series in order to tie ‘closed’ and on-going archives.

-Synapse (run by Sina Queyras): very recent series, able to follow from the beginning.

– Matrix’s Pilot reading series (Jon Paul Fiorentino)

-Writer’s Read reading series (Concordia English Dept, Stephanie Bolster)

Spoken Web research and wordpress site useful for Jason’s other project, Recite: access to recordings and collecting user feedback through comments.

WordPress has built-in  comments and data management system, exporting is available and not tied into the web.

Matt’s Presentation: SpokenWeb WordPress Site

How to log-in. Access wordpress site (, enter general password.

Static Pages:

  1. About: overview, mission statement, etc.  (Add new Team Members Link)
  2. Blog: chronological order, for research finding sharing
  3. Audio Archive Research: Google Document that Annie, Jared and Celyn were working on. Data entry stage. Can also break down SGWU pdf catalogue into separate units in same way (if this is how we think we want it viewed).
  4. Sir George Williams University Poetry Reading Series catalogue and recordings. As downloadable pdf document and audio files as index.

All URLs are pretty and human-readable.


Tools that we add: flash-based, compatible to embed into WordPress, or add php code to this site.

How to access Admin and posting board:

Access main website—Site Admin.—enter user name and personal password.

How to add a new post to blog:

Post (left hand sidebar)Add New Post—Title—Add Content—Preview or Publish.

-can add an attachment at the bottom of form.

-add tags and categories to the post so that we can track and search/ categorize our posts.

How to change password:

Profile (left hand sidebar)—New Password

Search functionality is limited now: we need it to search blog posts and other content.

Audio options for Blog postings:

–       Can we link a blog to an audio file already stored on the website?

–       Can we play an audio file attached to a blog without leaving the page?

–       add plug-in (Soundcloud) or program the code into the post or link audio (musical note icon) from site’s media library?

Media Library on WordPress:

–       do we need to separate the libraries (eg. Pilot, SGWU, Synapse, as separate) or can the data be stored together?

–       Tags and categories on each file must indicate which series it’s from.

Batch Transfers

-of Google Docs research to Audio Archives

-Sir George Williams University Poetry Reading separated into single units and posted.

Matt: research if a batch transfer is possible/conceivable for this type of transfer, otherwise Celyn will work on making them into single units.

Fields like the comment box are customizable.

Next Issue: Tethering time stamps in the text transcript to specific parts of audio.

Jared’s Presentation: Tools and Plug-ins for Sound/Audio

(please see Jared’s more detailed “Spoken Web Meeting” notes that will be uploaded to the WordPress site).

SoundCloud Features:

  1. audio commenting features

–       comment on any point of the audio and label it with titles, notes, etc.

–       comments also appear below the audio file as comment list

–       comments pop-up as the audio plays

–       time-stamped comments

2. Player is customizable:

–       private, public sharing options

–       embed or link in other sites

–       add art and other metadata

–       Playlists become important to a Spoken Web setting

3. Statistics

–       accumulates data even when link is embedded in other site

Downside of comments- when embedded in another website, you have to go back to Soundcloud in order to make new comments.

Look into Playlist function of WordPress.

Soundcloud issues:

copyright issue- uploading our files to Soundcloud: Private sharing only

Do we use Soundcloud or develop our own version that works in WordPress?

At the moment, we’ve decided to use Soundcloud as a prototype, and push WordPress to its limits. Our own development will come in a later stage.

Indaba Music Features:

Web-based digital audio station

-basic audio editing (Cutting, mixing, basic sound fixes)

-online social jam-session

-“Mantis”: console or work station

-files are uploaded onto the Indaba site

-downside: may not be able to slow down audio

-EQ function

-multi-track functionality: good for comparison of two recordings

-Why web-based audio editor?


-work from anywhere

– secure interactions with audio

-greater interactivity, without changing the original file.


Account membership (private or public)

-hand-picked human indexed tags


-keep track of bookmarks

-play audio/video right on delicious page, no need to navigate to another page

-Notes: personal bookmarks can be titled, edited, notes and these can be exported into an html file for easy sharing.

-reverse look-up to see who has bookmarked your site

Dance in Video– Alexander Street Press

-video that can be clipped and edited and then saved.

-Save and edit: title, start and end time, viewable options, notes.

-embed options

Citation in audio: allow you to site clips of the audio in text.

Possibility for future projects/ add to our site:

Print as not good medium for writing about audio: create a medium that enables critical exchange with proper citation. Clips of the audio as citation.

Summary of to-do’s

Celyn: Start adding Google doc audio research to website, post research notes, upload research for pre-digital audio catalogues and archives. Choose 3 audio transcripts to use as testers for Soundcloud.

Jason C.: Sign-up for Pro Account on Soundcloud

Matt: Passwords for bloggers, research Batch transfer possibilities.

Annie: Survey: hidden archives, identify reading series that exist(ed) and where they may be, etc.  Break down the ‘silo’ mentality!

NEXT MEETING: Week of December 13th (TBA)?

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