Poetry Reading Transcription with Published Poems

Posted by celyn

I realized that I hadn’t posted the actual transcriptions of the selected poetry readings with the poems transcribed, so, here they are! I’ve attached the .doc versions. Please take a look and let me know if you’d suggest any improvements.

1. Henry Beissel: read in 1966, with Mike Gnarowski, introduction by Louis Dudek

2. Mike Gnarowski: read in 1966, with Henry Beissel, introduction by Louis Dudek

3. Eli Mandel: read in 1969

4. George Bowering: read in 1967 at his home

5. George Bowering: reading in 1974

Note: I tried to copy & paste the text into WordPress and it keeps freezing. It’s probably useful to know that WordPress doesn’t handle large amounts of text.

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