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Posted by Aline Lemay

At our February 5th meeting, I asked the team how they ‘see’ making the website more visual. Do we have photos, videos, posters, audio wave form files, poet headshots, reading locations and event stills?

Yes, we do! Enthusiastic discussion ensued with Jason, Max, Lee, Ashley, Christine and Ian. They’ve been working on it, and how! Ashley even went so far as to submit SpokenWeb for the SSHRC Storyteller-3 minute Project pitch. Bravo!

So a few notes from our very productive meeting. Advance apologies for mistakes or what I’ve missed.

It’s more than integrating visuals into the existing website. The whole structure will undergo a major redesign to show more of the archived visual materials.

  • Home page will be tape visuals – numbered boxes, tapes, brief site welcome, introduction and links
  • New link – “Calendar “ – in full development with Lee and Max
  • Calendar will include visuals and poetry readings elsewhere
  • Newspaper clippings from The Georgian to be integrated
  • New link – “Poets” – content to be explored on multiple axis
  • SGW reading series is becoming visual now – 7 events between 1967-71
  • Posters will become links to access photos, short event/poet bio texts and audio waveforms from the readings
  • Website look/navigation TBD. Lots of options: fonts zoom in/out, thumbnails, slide shows, popups, flipping pages, etc.
  • ‘about’ remains on website. Location TBD
  • Transcripts stay. Visuals enhance text, not replace it.
  • “Digital Toolbox” will have a few new entries
  • Audio Hijack Pro Record any audio
  • GLIA Digital Poetry

 An enormous thanks to Caroline Sigouin, Technician, Records Management and Archives. Her ongoing assistance for the project is greatly appreciated.

More website visuals coming soon…

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