SpokenWeb Meeting #11 Minutes

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SpokenWeb Meeting #11 – Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 2:00 p.m.
Present: Jason Camlot, Jared Wiercinski, Deanna Fong, Matt Trembley, Darren Wershler
-Making parts of the site public
-Research activities to be pursued into the new year
-Oral History Toolbox
-Prioritize design/integration elements
-“Performing the Archive” series

Making parts of the site public
-Discover 3 audio archives
-George Bowering & David McFadden readings public
-Transcripts for poems – obtain permission from authors via email (Jason)
-Allow for comments
-Invite guests to interact with the site? (20-30 people) as an initial phase, then discuss an official launch after these guests have used the site, offered feedback
-Begin compiling names of guests to invite—Deanna will open a Google doc

Research activities into the New Year (February)-Jason and Darren – Paper on sound visualization
-Jared and Matt – Using oral history toolbox template, making a SpokenWeb-specific toolbox – mapping specific tools and functionalities that Jared has been researching into categories. (See “Oral Historian’s Digital Toolbox site: http://storytelling.concordia.ca/oralhistorianstoolbox/ )
-Jason and Deanna – will use a similar approach for audio archives – find some visually attractive way of presenting these – how do we organize these archives? Can we group them into type?
-Matt – Integrating Flash player/text anchoring, fixing search issues, textwrap (i.e. 65 character limit?)
-Deanna – begin collecting visual components for site:
-photographing mylar tapes themselves (Oral history lab)
-Assemble and scan print materials from The Link –i.e. announcements of the readings—that Celyn mentions in her research

Performing the Spoken Word Archive-Now that we have secured ARRE funding for these events, begin discussing the question “What do we look at when we listen?” in relation to the live event
-Jason Lewis – Mr. Softie/Woken Word – animated element that is responsive to sound of reading
-Archival image projections (i.e. past participants in seats, etc.)
-Justin Stevenson (Toronto) – Live, dynamic AV projection/performance

-Deanna will put grant proposal up on site, containing timeline for these events, etc.

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