SpokenWeb Team Meeting #15 Minutes

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SpokenWeb Team Meeting – October 23, 2012, 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.


Jason Camlot, Jared Wiercinski, Ashley Clarkson, Taylan Ulgar, Liban Ali, Deanna Fong, Sabine Bergler


Agenda: Time-phase plan for future research activities:


-Until December




Until December

-(Jared, Annie and Max) Explore Omeka as a plugin site/test-case for integration of multimedia (i.e. for the integration of event materials). Could WordPress be tailored to support our needs?


-Database thematically searchable using “controlled vocabulary” in addition to “to the word” – a possible project for post-doc in Library Sciences


-Hybrid “controlled vs. Google” approach


-Audio annotation listening session (Sabine and Liban as primary researchers) – grad students/professors annotate for audio features. Jared and Annie simultaneously produce a study on how literary scholars listen. Controlled vocabulary for what prosodic features we are looking for.


-Presentation of Jared and Annie’s paper at the end of November



-Prepare for first mini-conference in the spring: 1 to 2 day conference with a reading: “Approaching the Reading Series” – scholars engage with the audio from our archive. End of March/early April.

-Write call for papers written in the next week.




Survey of DAWs (PAWs?) and assess which features are best suited to working with poetry.

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