Further Comments on New Site Design

Posted by Jason Camlot

At our last SpokenWeb team meeting we discussed aspects of the new design that Matt has developed.  While the overarching response has been “it’s awesome!”, there were a few comments concerning the effect that the new design has had on the positioning and nature of the waveform for each audio file that are worth noting.

Here are some further improvements we feel might be attempted:

  1. The click to timestamp capability is brilliant.  However, we would also like to be able to navigate the waveform manually, as we could before, by having a visible cursor that tells you where you are (what minute:second) in the audio.  Can we have both?
  2. We preferred it when the waveform always remained in view on the screen no matter where one scrolled to in the text.  Can this effect be restored?
  3. We preferred the more robust audio player as it allowed manual navigation more effectively.  While I think the black and white simple waveforms look cooler than before, they aren’t as informative when it comes to providing visual info to the listener.  This may be a longer term question regarding visualizations of the waveform for useful listening, but in the meanwhile, what are our other waveform options?
If there are further comments that arise based on use of the site, please post them as you think of them.

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