SpokenWeb Meeting #10 Minutes

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SpokenWeb Meeting #10 – August 25th, 2011 – 2:00 P.M.


Present: Jason Camlot, Annie Murray, Jared Wiercinski, Celyn Harding-Jones, Deanna Fong




-Articulate and refine the research axes presented at our last meeting



Research axes (Objectives and Outcomes Section):



-Multiple platform analysis collapsed into web development questions.

-Why WordPress? Develop on several platforms simultaneously for comparison (Omeka, Skalar) Comparative analysis reports.

-Incorporate digital bricolage vs. building questions


Web survey- (maybe not an axis by itself – could be incorporated into “contexts” or another axis)

-See out its implications once more data is collected (hopefully we’ll have more info by the time grant deadline comes around)

-Share format for rendering spoken word archives

-imagine a larger structure for organizing other audio materials (Canada, North America)

-A possible “future outcome” or next phase – partnership grant


Oral history-

-Steven High- Runs centre for Oral history

-Discuss different approaches to oral history axis of project: How do we interview our subjects? What media do we use?

-Start with general questions, move to more specific prompting (audio, spatial, social)

-Radio component (COHDS)

-Steven would act as coordinator of Oral history axis and possibly be involved in visualization tools

-Use Oral history axis to work toward developing a literary history of listening—these questions tie into ongoing reading series/living archives as well



-Elena Razlogova (co-applicant)

-Involved in in copyright/fair dealings axis (with Darren)


Closed/Open archives-

-Apply for a small VPRGS grant to fund a series of activities (Deanna)

-Discuss implications of integrating the recordings into a live event, using Synapse as a case study

-Sina Queyras as a collaborator



-Spoken performance vs. print source questions

-Best practices of transcription for spoken word

-Reading series as a concept/problem

-Literary history of listening (again, tying into several other axes)



-Sound wave

-Incorporating visual materials

-“What should we look at when we listen?”

-How do visual materials aid in processing speech?



Literature (primary), Oral history, policy, archive and new media development- need key citations for each



-Attempt to define an overall approach

-Could include specific methodology texts


Knowledge mobilization:

-Publish on findings on site, papers/articles, open access (Spectrum)

-Live events (Synapse)

-Release (portions of/all of) the archive

-Share information with Oral history department



-Survey—form relationships with other institutions



-Provide refs that are relevant to each of the axes

-Google doc biblio arranged by theme (archives, copyright, reading series, digital media, etc.)


Budget items:

-Begin making a list of expenses

-Discuss more specifically next meeting





All team members-

-Biographical write-up, explaining how SpokenWeb ties into his/her own research



-Make Google doc for bibliography

-First draft of VPRGS grant application by end of August


Next meeting: Possibly first week of September–Aim to have first draft done by Labour Day weekend

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