Re-design of homepage and recording pages

Posted by Jason Camlot

I spent the afternoon re-organizing the front page as well as the page for each recording from the SGW reading series.

The homepage is slowly transforming into a hub for all SpokenWeb activity. At the moment, this is the blog, the SGW entries, and the audio archive entries. On Jared’s suggestion, I added 3 random entries from both the SGW poetry readings and the archives as a way to discover new content whenever you come on the website. We’ll see if this becomes useful, interesting, and how we can refine it using methods other than random selection. Note that if the audio player doesn’t show up on the front page, it’s because that entry doesn’t have a Soundcloud player yet.

On the individual SGW entry pages, I’ve moved the Soundcloud player up at the top, along with the Transcript, Introduction, Timestamps and Notes section, to prioritize the “meaty” info. The rest is at the bottom under “Meta”. I haven’t forgotten Darren’s suggestion of using tabs, I will give that a shot in the near future.

You’ll notice that if you scroll down (to follow the transcript, for instance), the player will follow the scrolling and stay positioned at the top.

Finally, on the index page, I’ve added a red circle + slash to denote those recordings which are not on Soundcloud yet.

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