SpokenWeb Meeting #12 Minutes

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SpokenWeb Meeting #12 – February 14th, 2012, 12:00 P.M.

Present: Jason, Jared, Annie, Liban, Katie, Deanna

• Who will replace Matt?
o Job description/open call
• What to do with the remainder of the grant money
• Spring events (Archive speaks)
• New team members

Katie Sehl
• English MA student whose research focuses on the problems of transcription re: lyrics

Michael Nardone
• PhD Humanities student; transcriptions of avant-garde poetry, i.e. David Antin; Talk vs. Print poems

Liban Ali
• Rap metrics – focusing on rhyme, find patterns within groups of artists to determine what makes a song successful
• Rhyme dictionary

• Graphic Designer for incorporating visual material
• Video trailers, etc.

Remainder of grant money:

Should we develop design components i.e. a SpokenWeb audio player (as opposed to Soundcloud)? Open site to the public?

• Jared: Organize toolbox and put on to website

• Annie: Initial results of the survey – get more data? Follow up to pick 2 or 3 viable partners for future projects.
• Initial feedback suggests that nobody is prepared to put archival audio on the web – open site to these researchers and get feedback.
• Mapping tool (geographic) as a more informal way for institutions to participate, map where certain pockets of materials exist

Archival reading series
• George Bowering and David McFadden reading alongside themselves
• Ghost readings: Max Stein- sound artist (comp arts)
• Ongoing installation: H-935. Plant resonators in places in the room so that the room itself is the amplifier
• Period poster materials
• Event – Date in April? Live reader along with installation?

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