SpokenWeb Meeting #13

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SpokenWeb Meeting
May 22nd, 2012, 2:00 P.M.

Present: Jason Camlot, Sabine Bergler, Sina Queyras, Darren Wershler, Taylan Ulger, Deanna Fong

• Year one summary
• Post-doc candidate for first year
• Digital Humanities Conference at Congress

Year one summary

• Literary questions: Establish historical context for poetry readings in Canada in the 1960s and 70s; close listening practices and sound visualization (out-of-the-box tools, developing customized tools)
o Melodyne (DAW)
• Design: Explore and develop on three web-publishing platforms (i.e. Omeka, WordPress, etc.); Digital toolbox for audio archives, integration of new tools; continue to explore visualization tools—possibly bring on a second developer?
• Copyright: Produce papers on fair dealing and affective labor; begin writing letters to authors and estates
• Oral Literary History: Define best practices and begin interview process
• Performing the Archive: Series of “Ghost Readings” and panel talks
-Fall (October/November): launch sound installation piece and introduce site with a large event, featuring readings with George Bowering and (possibly) David McFadden and Stuart Ross
-Satellite event: open-call “hackathon” inviting artists/developers to engage with data
-Spring (March/April): One-day conference with open call for papers

Post-doc candidate

• Which axis should post-doc focus on for the first year? (Digital Humanities, Programmer, Law and Copyright, Literature/Performance Studies)
• Bring post-doc on this year or in later years of the grant?
• Ask around and generate a list of names to start then possibly frame criteria for an open call

Digital Humanities Conference at Congress

• Deanna to present a poster on the first (development) phase of SpokenWeb
• Poster designed by Taylan (attached)

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