SpokenWeb Meeting #14 Minutes

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SpokenWeb Meeting #14
Wednesday, June 15th, 2012, 10:00 A.M.

Present: Jason, Michael, Darren, Annie, Darren, Sabine, Max, Annie, Katie, Deanna

Team member summer tasks

-Digital toolbox
-Graphic designer/artwork (consult Jason Lewis)
-CMS comparison
-Create a past and ongoing research activities pages (publications either on site or via link)
-Workshops on sound engineering tools?
-Find an assistant

-Protocol for audio capture (devices, permission forms, etc.); put these documents on the Web
-Coordinate smaller axis-specific team meetings
-Point person for cataloguing phase of Mordecai Richler Reading Room–a venue for ongoing reading series, master classes, talks, colloquia, etc.; site for audio and video capture for ongoing, digital-born collections. Museum (on-site/online) as a case study for integrating visuals and other media

-Music-geared presentation on sound visualization
-Paper on John Unsworth’s “Seven Scholarly Primitives”—how do sound archives fulfill these primitives?
-Soundcloud vs. developing our own audio player
-(with Jason and Max) Develop a list of sound engineering tools that could be useful for poetry readings (i.e. Melodyne)—particularly those that aren’t traditionally used for spoken word recordings

-Project management tools

Sabine and Frank
-Annotation questions – speech recognition software
-Test group of annotations (i.e. five undergraduate students), showing consistencies and divergences in transcription practice. Is the project involved in establishing a set of best practices for poetry annotation? Style sheet?

-Paper on transcriptive practices in poetry
-Collection of sound recordings from ongoing, digital-born reading series
-Pedagogical practices re: the audiotext

-Bibliography of transcription scholarship – different transcription issues across disciplines
-Contact McGill Musicology department

Archival Reading Series (Fall 2012)
-George Bowering, David McFadden & Stuart Ross – read alongside themselves, panel talk, mini-conference
-Women poets in the series – i.e. the female performative voice of the ‘60s and ‘70s
-Margaret Atwood tweets?
-Transcription/group listening event

Next meeting(s):
Smaller group meetings for individual axes (i.e. Oral History, Copyright, Sound Visualization) to be held over the summertime and into early September; meeting notes will be posted on site.

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