SpokenWeb (Oral History) – Meeting #1

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Meeting (Oral History Axis) – July 24th, 2012, 10:00 A.M.

Present: Jason, Max, Steven and Deanna

-Prepping for fall interviews
-Ethics committee
-Structure of interviews
-Audio database for O.H. recordings in relation to SGWU archive
-Fall event (Deanna and Max)

-Ethics committee – Adapt existing consent form (Life Histories) – include section on “stories shared in public context”; anonymity; diffusion – use of audio and video
-Interview guide (list of questions, disclaimer, kinds of questions) – themes, approach, etc. – announcement during Q&A

Structure for interviews:
-Interviewees George and David will be present October 11th-13th
-Interviews before vs. after event?
-Other fall guests: Howard Fink, Seymour Maine

Audio database for O.H. recordings in relation to SGWU archive:
-Use first event to develop a longer list of subjects
-How to deliver this information in relation to SGWU reading series?
-“Oral footnoting” – affective vs. informative footnoting
-Fall interviews as a prototype for ongoing oral history structure

-External hard drives, DVDs
-Can use Oral History interviewing rooms for fall interviews

Trajectory of interview process:
-Think of space; Interviewers – primary interviewer (Jason) and secondary interviewer (videographer – oral history stdy); video vs. audio – both, with the option f just using audio on site, video available in archives
-Transcription? Chronologies – question and answer format (tag terms)?
-“Stories matter” – memory mapper – geolocated tagging

Possible opening questions: How did subjects come to participate in series? Life history leading to the moment of the reading series. Research questions re: orality in poetry i.e. the social life of the written word and community creation.
-“Tell us the first time you read your poetry in public” – “…the first time you heard someone read in public”

-Oral history photo booth “memory clinic” – Five questions (consent form) i.e. “when did you first hear poetry read out loud?”

Fall event:

September 1st – Itineraries for readers, promotional strategy (Concordia NOW), who is on panel

-Vincent re: Concordia Archives exhibit for the event

-Project table for website; listening booth

-Check with HC re: using lobby space for exhibit and sound installation

-Website: events page, browse by author, team bio, project research page, oral history page, user annotation, automatic transcription – comparative analysis

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